So I have finished 『Metal Gear Solid Ⅴ The Phantom Pain』at 100% and 『Ground Zeroes』 at 98% (the last two percent are the ridiculously difficult trials) I also note that I never played any 『Metal Gear』game ever, so I discovered all characters and story lines in this game.

? in battle suit

The bad points:

  • The game feels unfinished (and in fact it is)

  • Some gameplay bugs are really annoying

  • The online gameplay is unbearable

  • Tanks are awful to pilot (camera at the end of the canon)

The GREATS points:

  • Passionating story

  • Beautiful

  • Objectives that makes you want to play the campaing many times even tho the difficulty

  • Difficult if playing infiltration, easy if playing like a soldier.

  • Weapon customisation is excellent

Sebastien in sneaking suit

When you finish the game you can play with the avatar you created in the intro, if you do like I do, recreating my own face with it, it makes the game particularly perturbing when playing through the campaing, and seeing the cinematics seeing yourself in the game.

Picture of Blazing Unicorn when she was captured
Blazing Unicorn in Boss outfit

If you play Solo with online activated strangers can invade your secondary bases whith cheated gear, and stealing your materials and staff, it’s the most annoying part of the game.

Brass Spider scrawling with DD on the medical platform

The 『Metal Gear Solid Ⅴ Online』 is really cool, a bit like 『Battlefield 2』 but easier, and enjoyable with the system of points for unlocking gears.

Paz in the medical platform


This game is truely passionating.

Metal Gear Solid Ⅴ Platinum