I finished 『Sleeping Dogs』I really liked it. Heh i even finished it twice to be able to have the maximum points with the Triad.


The Bad points:

  • Too easy

  • Triad Experience too limited

  • Ugly clothes gives bonuses while good looking ones gives nothing.

  • No tabs/fav option to select cars, bikes and clothes.

The Good points:

  • It happens in Hong Kong

  • plenty of cantonese in the streets.

  • Cool story.

  • Funny references.

  • Beautiful hero with a great voice.

  • Wing Chun dress that makes you fight like 葉問

Wei Shen with his neighbors

I said it’s too easy, the combat system is a bit difficult to understand —you get beaten up a lot at the begining—, but once you’ve understood it the game is a piece of cake.

Apart for the Triad experience that is too much limited, the game is quite enjoyable even though the many many bugs it is fully playable without assle, and considering it’s a really easy game if you have to replay something it’s always with pleasure. The game also makes punching people in the streets pleasureable.

The Addons:

Zodiac Tournament

Short and really enjoyable and fun add on parodying 『Enter The Dragon』

Nightmare in North Point

It’s really fun to fight undead, vampires and 妖怪。

Year of the Snake

Kind of boring. It’s limited to running after terrorists, and sending bombing cars into the ocean.

they should have make an addon that give Triad experience considering the numerous missions you play as a cop during the main story.

Wheels of Fury

Good, especially the car, I would have loved that the grey version of it were the second color.


Really classy game. Love it.