Summary: Beautiful game, but not that great.


The begining of the game Sucks ass. no save after the retarded & useless tutorial. then Boss that kills you in the first 5 seconds. you have to restart 10 times from the begining, and you have to kill 2 bosses in order to be able to save for the first time. The actual tutorial on how to play the game start after the demo part, and even that it’s awful.

Figure 1. The "Tutorial" section in the inventory is just the list of buttons, that you can see in the setup menu of the joypad —Again useless—.

Really annoying things:

  • Subtitles really short(in time) starting after the character speaks ending before he/she finishes his sentence, and also badly translated ones.

  • Christian bullshit

  • No map, no inventory, no pod program while riding.

  • No map, no inventory inside elevators.

  • no warnings of when you will loose the ability to complete side quests.

  • Ultra rares objects that are importants which at the end of the game you don’t care anymore because there’s nobody difficult to beat then.

    • once upgraded to the max the pods are useless because you already finished the game.

    • once upgraded to the max the weapons are almost useless because you have almost finished the game and finished all sidequests.

  • 2B is playable for only 25% of the game.

  • all shops sells shit quality gear (𝑖𝑒.buying anything is not interesting).

    • There’s nothing to do in the bunker, the shop don’t have more than in the resitance camp.

  • Lots of bugs that kills you, or freezes you.

    • SHMUP parts are barely playable when the angle is not "orthogonal".

  • the theresold on the joypad to be able to walk is only 5% of the direction, the rest is RUN. (horrible to walk)

  • the map is too small compared to the lack of polishing it has.

  • the scanner let’s you find about 20 useless items, 5 useful (complex gadgets) on the whole map

  • can’t redo any secondary quests.

Stupid things:

  • keeps track of the time up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

  • money up to 9,999,999$ and there’s nothing to buy

  • the trophy seller is useless, once you have her, you already have 99% of the trophies. (𝑖𝑒. you can only buy the trophies of the chapters you’ve done, the pods and weapons.)

  • All the details about how androids and machine life form are made don’t serve any purpose to the game or its endings.

  • Taunt on the attack button.

  • Fishing forces you to always aim down after each catch.

  • DLC Machine head

Good things

  • 2B is sexy

  • 2B’s shiny metal ass

  • Many cinematics. (not like in Tales of Symphonia)

  • chapter select once the game is finished

Once finished the game is not interesting, you spent so much time trying to have acceptable gear that it’s feels empty, the efforts required to have a slightly better gear is too expensive compared to the fun you could have with it, if a shop had Hi quality gear that is tremendously expensive this could make the money useful and the game less frustrating. The fact that there’s a chapter select tells you that even the creators of the game understood that it was so boring it needed this to let you play which part you want without the hassle to replay the game from zero.

I really enjoy watching 2B walking but i’m not satisfied with the game as a whole, the system of chip you plug to change your character skills is brilliant but finding them is a real pain and farming a little brings you nothing but the maximum level, so at the end you have a powerful character but without the skills you want to choose.

So yeah, I’ll replay from zero in hard, but without expecting anything.

Figure 2. Chinese simplified characters don’t work


I love 2B’s ass, I can’t be objective.